Monday, 11 October 2010

Game artist not a Game Gamer

One thing that prys on my mind about my course is that, belive it or not, I am not a good gamer. Im terrible at games, I still like games, I love them to the core. Although when I play games it's pretty obviouse Im not good at them, be it table pool to Call of Duty, even throwing cards into a bucket is a bit of a pain for me, Im just casual gamer. So being in a class full of avid gamers, makes me feel out of place a bit. I'd be an idiot doing this course if all I did was play games, or I didnt play games at all. I mean I came into this course with a art portfolio and not a high score portfolio. It always seems to feel like I wont understand games the way the " pro gamers " understand them and maybe that puts me at a disadvantage. If I dont have the mindset of the gamer Im trying to build the game for, can I really fufill what they want? I enjoy these games, but not the same way they do, it seems. I dont mind dying or loosing in games, just as I dont mind making a fool of myself or loosing to someone younger or less experianced to me in real life. The pro-gamers (I call them this because theyre often not, but they play with such passion and know how to play to a high level. Or if theyre beeing a novice.) care about loosing, dying and being taunted. It makes me wonder if they care about the graphics of the game or the simple game mechanics of "Move > Shoot > Kill > 1 Point". If I took call of duty and reduced it to a 8Bit pong like game, but with all the stratagy and skill needed of Call of Duty, would they like it as much? Probably not, there needs to be some balance, but I know imagination can fill in the blanks in games.
As I said before, Im not a gamer. I would sit down and read the manual before playing the games and look at all the pretty pictures and character biographys. While my brother rammed the disc in and button mashed untill he learned the controls. It'll be interesting for me to find out what amount do what i do in my aproach to games, compaired to that of my brother and the other pro-gamers, not only that but to make games for such people.
I mean how many avid gamers achualy like the 8bit music that comes with old games? Or even opened the manual? Maybe I should just be happy Im not one of those guys that would rather defowl a corner of their room than leave their MMORPG for a minute. I guess that going to extreems. Either way, I'd rather draw or make someones head being shot off their sholders and capturing the moment rather than BOOM HEAD SHOT!

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