Sunday, 17 October 2010

In the future

Ive been reading and watching a bit of recent about the future of technology. All these ass holes telling me and everyone else, " In the future! ", its became quite obviouse to me that it is a load of bull shit. People have been saying " In the future! " for years now, however looking at all of the images of what they imagined this future to be, it always seems to be half baked of the reality. Not only beacuse everything they imagined in the future looked stupid, but beacuse the futuristic ideas also look primative or something from The Jetsons.
I was watching Visions of the Future, Inteligant Revolution. Things like " Your sun glasses will download the profiles of people you see! ", such bullshit wouldnt be aloud to be made, " Your clothes (shirt) will monitor your health, phoning for help if you have a heart attack. " bullshit, maybe some kind of wrist band designed for military use, but I doubt some fat bastard's fat shirt will save him. I'll admit some things that seem out there are possable, but saying they will happen is a load of toss. These " In the future! " folk seem to forget about the human aspect of the world.

If I was a "In the future! " man, I'd say something people would achualy belive, like " In the future there will be alot more advertisment! Everywhere you go, on your clothes, before you log into the internet. Posably every 15-30 minutes an advertisment break on the internet would apear like on television, every object and thought you have will be the product of advertising! ". Alot more belivable than " Hurrr you can download yourself onto the internet, and uninstall yourself in a completely different country! "

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