Monday, 8 August 2011

A thing about machines

(The title of this entry is due to the amount of The Twighlight Zone (1960s) Ive been watching, great stuff. And this post feels like a result of crossing the boarder into said zone. If only I had noticed the sign post up ahead.)

I spent a good 3 hours, maybe 4, drawing away in photoshop today. Not like the usual day, of drawing still lifes and photo studies. Today, I was going to draw from imagination, a head, and construct it and illustrate it, but more importantly, document my progress. And I did, and I was happy. I had my canvas in one panel and the progress in another. Everything was running fine. From sketch > block > colour >ext. Up untill i wanted to edit a little bit of saturation. I saved the original once, but not the progress you see. Its rare, but it happens, photoshop obviously crashed. Now, this would be fine in any other drawing, my originals fine, but I didnt want the original. I needed the progress. The idea was to show my progress and get tips on each part of the progression. I know Im going to get stuff wrong, but I need to know, WHERE and WHEN im getting it wrong, so I can eliminate it at its source. Instead of later on.

This is the last stop in the drawing. I got fed up trying to catch up to the last point. But you know what, I remember saying to myself " haha, I bet Photoshop will crash, like 3ds max does whenever Im on a roll ", but I just laugthed it off. And quite like entering the Twighlight zone, my drawing looks like shit to me.

Mary sugested I go and backtrace my steps on the drawing. To which I replyed:

In other news, I've grown fond of Audio books. I got Mortal engins on audio audio book and listen to it while I work. Finaly I can hear the books ive wanted to read, while continue drawing at the same time, its win win.

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