Saturday, 27 November 2010

NSFW - Link to crappy artwork!

....Every now and again I, as an artist, look at others work, as we all should. Its a good thing to do, get some ideas, give some ideas. Even if the artist is better than you or worse, there’s always something you can say above the basic " OMG AWESOME " or " THATS SHIT ", you can always give a good, in-depth comment, that not only can help you understand their work better, but also help the artist with some different methods of going about their task in the future.

That aside. I also look at really, really bad art, just to cheer myself up. Lets not lie here, who doesn’t look at a terrible drawing and go " HAHHH ". If the artist is genuinely trying to improve, they probably wouldn’t have drawn this stuff in the first place. Now would they? No. But its also probably because they dont know how/too stubborn/anxious/lazy/ext to do the things necessary to improving. I look at some really awful work that some kids draw and its reminding me that I too once wanted to become a better artist, but didnt know how and drew these awful monstrosities. And that makes me look at them in a different light.
You just hang in there man, draw every day, make the dream happen you know.

But sometimes I also look at some people I hate (personally)who also want to try to become artists, and notice that they havnt improved at all in 3 or more years. Not a bit, still drawing the same shit. And that makes me happy, It shouldn’t because its out of spite. This is only one or two people I know.

UNTILL TODAY. I found a website with awful art, a collection of it if you will. Deviantart? No, but youre close, alot of it is from there.
If you want a good chuckle at terrible drawings, (Hah, I almost said art), I recommend: (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)
But seriously, the title says it all " WHY WOULD YOU DRAW THAT?! "

Seriously, this website, is not safe for work, but is so terrible, you cant even tell what the fucks going on half the time. Seriously, why did they draw that stuff? Why? I dont understand man, I dont understand.

Okay, if you have looked through that website by now. Let me remind you that the world is a beautiful place and being alive in a world full of strange and unique creatures is a good thing.


I said "The world is a awful place, because its filled with people who clearly dont like reality and wish to ruin it for everyone else. ".

And here is proof.
What the fuck are you doing?! Dont teach them to draw badly, they do that already!

Have a good day.

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