Saturday, 20 November 2010

Games can do good. Even If they are shit. Apparently!

You're in for a ..... ride.... 
Yes, the greatest real life simulator ever created, but never published. It is the ultimate test of patience. It was made for a Pen and Teller game, where they just took the piss out of games in general. Although never published, it was leaked and became oddly popular.
The basic deal of this game is, you drive and bus with no one in it, with no oncoming traffic, forever, back and forth. Any attempt to pause the game sounds the horn (the start button), you cannot pull over, within 15 seconds a toe truck will come and take you back to the begining. You have to stay on the road, you cant leave beacuse your bus turns to the right, so you have to tap left every couple of seconds. And thats the game. After 8 hours of driving, you get one point. At 6 hours and 15 minutes, a bug will hit the windscreen. Thats all the action you will see.

This game has too much gore even for me.

How is this game popular? Maybe because it says so much about trying to emulate life perfectly in games. Who knows. Theres alot to take from such a simple, yet pain in the ass game. I dont think I'll go into the higher aspects of similicity and making something big out of it.

Sorry it's a bit loud, but thats because the game is so FUCKING HARD CORE!!

But some people have!  Now Im not one for helping other people, or caring. But Im just suprised that people are achualy doing this, with such a dick of a game. I think It has to be noted.
Desert Bus: For Hope. Is a charity based event (the 4th anual desert bus-off), that raises money to give hospitalised children games to play. Pretty touching. Well not really. But the fact of the matter is, people will play this god awful game for days, DAYS, non-stop. And get a huge cash pool going so others can play games when theyre sitting idle in bed. Pretty sweet. Too bad its american. But hay, who cares.
At the time of posting this they've been driving non stop for 14 hours. I could barely stand 15 minutes of video.
Not only do they play for insane amounts of time, they also live stream it, so you can get in on the, action? I dont know.
Check it out.

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