Thursday, 28 October 2010

Blitz Lecture

I typed this out yesterday but my pc crashed. So Ill have to remember what I wrote, nice.
I thought the lecture was pretty helpful, I was reasured that I was on the right course for what I wanted to to. Also some of my thoughts on how the industry works was resuported. But it was really helpful seeing what they wanted and what they didnt. One of the best parts of the lecture was seeing one of my favorite artists, Hyung Tae-Kim. Although he has a very anime, styleized theme about his work, his colouring and character art is fucking awesome. It doesnt matter that he deforms the his characters to boost sex appeal because he does it so well. But I was really happy to see it up there. And seeing it against a load of shit art work made me smile a bit.
The lecture also made me think about what I should focus upon. I do like character design and concept art work, along with general modeling and landscapes. But I still dont know. Hell! Lead Artist would still be sweet! Other than that, Im a little disapointed that I wasnt able to show them my sketchbook I use when drawing people are coffee shops. I'd have loved some feedback from people ion the industry. But like a convention, people swarmed them and asked 10 questions each that required a 5 minute or more awnser. *sigh*

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