Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Task 1. Set up a blog.

My name is Tristan Silva and I am a Game Art Student at Demontfort University.  I was born on Christmas day, 1990 and I was brought up in the suburbs of Reading, Berkshire. More specifically, Whitley, known well for its “Whitley-wiff”, which is a far lingering smell from the nearby farm and sewage factory,  hot summers were bad if the wind was going east.
I chose Game Art design, for a few reasons;  it taught 3D modelling, digital painting, drawing and looked like I could get more for my money, there are other reasons like to become a better artist and so on, but theres no point talking about the obvious at this point. However over all the greatest thing for me was that it seemed like a challenge, a relatively new profession, a unconventional way into the industry, a lot to take in and develop from. So when I said “a few “ I really meant lots of little reasons that make one big reason; that being I like it.  I hope to be able to soak up all this course has to offer like a sponge or a towel, not just because theres a lot to gain, but previous teaching was sketchy and seemed to believe University will teach us everything about getting better, which Im still bitter over. So mostly, to improve my skills in a broader range, 2D and 3D, so I can burst into the game industry like a kid with a baseball bat smacking a chalk wall.
My main interest aside from games, is art. I’ve had other interests but nothing else really stuck. Some things I physically couldn’t do because of my heart condition, such as physical sports, things like that, interested me, but there was no point in being interested in them. I’d rather take part than stand idly by like I did in PE lessons back at school. So other interests, like, fishing, movies, comics, computers, are kind of mild interests.  Everyone I was surrounded by seemed to be interested in sports, drugs or music, I sadly didn’t care much for any of them, found solace in art, which no one else seemed to be interested in unless it was spraying a tag on a garage door. I do like graffiti, but I havnt seen any in person that has made me want to start tagging shit like a cat marking its territory, aka pissing up walls.
Im not completely sure what my Dream job is of yet, I like to keep myself as open to change as I can. Ofcorse, I would love to be a Concept artist or a Lead artist (I’d get a confidence boost with that title that’s for sure) but Im not sure yet. I havnt tried everything out, I may end up thinking Landscape artist is the best for me. All the jobs Ive looked at have had nuggets of interest for me, as long as Im part of making a really good game with a good group of people that would be perfect. Oh and being paid well for it would be a good, that’s the dream part of it! Concept artist in JagEX seem to requite exceptional drawing skill and understanding of photoshop, a shit ton of motivation and original ideas with eye for detail. But a general all around arts, some 3D modelling experience and some form of art degree. Many places seem to require past experience, so I imagine I would have to aim for some kind of Junior place somewhere. But even than It seems you need “exceptional skill in (everything)”. So no matter where I go or what I do, Im going to need to become “exceptional”, its quite a bit to take in right now, to be honest. I intend to get to the “exceptional” level by working my ass off, which may be a bit hard because Im very thin and don’t have an ass.

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